The Ultimate Business Planner
The Ultimate Business Planner

The Ultimate Business Planner

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I created this workbook/ planner to assist those that are thinking of starting a business or are already launched & operating. It's never too late to get organized and focused. This workbook will serve as your personal business planner and accountability partner.

The Ultimate Business Planner is a workbook where you can keep everything in one place! From your ideas to keeping track of your goals & actual sales, this 175+page planner has it all!


  • Developing your business idea & name / What is your passion
  • Business details: Mission statement, demographics, Products
  • Business Expenses vs. Income 
  • Building a team 
  • Building your brand
  • Packaging Details 
  • Pricing  Strategies
  • Product Research 
  • Services vs. Products
  • Website / Ecommerce
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Managing your business's day to day task 
  • Detailed Goal Setting: Daily, Monthly & Quarterly 
  • Keeping track of all sales, stats, & social media growth