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A little bit about Ashley

Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger & Soon-to-be Published Author. Ashley has launched a successful brand with several more in the works. She has taken her experience from several years of being a successful business owner, along with her knowledge from attending Harvard Professional Development Programs to help others achieve their goal!

New on the Blog

The Best Skin Care Product I Ever Used: Be Transcendent

Be Transcendent is a plant-based, all-natural skincare line that works for all skin types! Over the years, I have often had to switch up my products from when I am too oily or too dry. My skin was constantly changing depending on the weather and what my skin was going through. But in the words ... READ the POST

5 Powerful Tips for New Bloggers!

I wish someone would have given me these 5 blogging tips when I was starting out, it would have saved me a lot of time! 1. Pick a Niche/ Genre & Try to Stay Focus on That! When starting a blog you should already have your primary goal in mind. Rather its to inform people or share your ... READ the POST

Let’s Talk Bobs #BobLife

February 2020 I decided on a New Look - A BOB! A few days after my birthday I woke up wanting a new change. Although I have been on a hair journey for a few years now, I was still yearning for a new look. I decided on a clean sleek bob! I went straight to Pinterest & Instagram for ... READ the POST

5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have!

These apps will not only save you time and money, but they will keep you organized as well! #Entrepreneurs Being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially during a pandemic! Well, let's all take this time to organize our business practices a bit more! We all have the same 24 hours in a day, why ... READ the POST

Business Partnerships: Make your Decision Wisely!

Iron Sharpens Iron The Best Partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of Passion , Dedication & a Desire to win no matter what !! Over the years I’ve heard of so many horror stories of people going into business together ! Before you decide to join forces and ... READ the POST

5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch!

Entrepreneurs, like myself, are always in need of inspiration from time to time. Each movie is based on a true story. It doesn't matter what your selling or what your idea is, your sure to find some type of motivation by watching the movies listed below. I have attached the full trailers for ... READ the POST