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A little bit about Ashley

Ashley Williams is an African American Woman based out of Houston, Texas. She is a beauty & business specialist, as well as an entrepreneur, co-owning, Hair Are Us ( luxury Hair Extension Brand). Ashley is known for her sense of fashion and all things beauty! As seen on BET, CNN, & ABC local news segments this entrepreneur is not only breaking grounds in business but in the beauty world as well.

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My 6 Must Have Red Lipsticks!

Seems like just yesterday our red lipstick options were extremely limited, as everybody was wearing only RUBY WOO! Now over 10 Years Later, the options are endless! So as fall arrived I began to swap out lipsticks and this is the time I start to wear more red bold lipstick colors. I honestly ... READ the POST

The Story of Hair Are Us: From the Trunks of our Cars to a Million Dollar Business!

Myself & Khat are currently working on a publishing a bookso that we can continue to share more of our story and insight on becoming an entrepreneur. From working in a partnership with your best friend to navigating a business through the age of social media, honey we got stories for days that ... READ the POST

The Best Skin Care Product I Ever Used: Be Transcendent

Be Transcendent is a plant-based, all-natural skincare line that works for all skin types! Over the years, I have often had to switch up my products from when I am too oily or too dry. My skin was constantly changing depending on the weather and what my skin was going through. But in the words ... READ the POST

Let’s Talk Bobs #BobLife

February 2020 I decided on a New Look - A BOB! A few days after my birthday I woke up wanting a new change. Although I have been on a hair journey for a few years now, I was still yearning for a new look. I decided on a clean sleek bob! I went straight to Pinterest & Instagram for ... READ the POST

5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have!

These apps will not only save you time and money, but they will keep you organized as well! #Entrepreneurs Being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially during a pandemic! Well, let's all take this time to organize our business practices a bit more! We all have the same 24 hours in a day, why ... READ the POST

Business Partnerships: Make your Decision Wisely!

Iron Sharpens Iron The Best Partnerships aren’t dependent on a mere common goal but on a shared path of Passion , Dedication & a Desire to win no matter what !! Over the years I’ve heard of so many horror stories of people going into business together ! Before you decide to join forces and ... READ the POST